10 Trampoline Injury Prevention & Safety Tips

HutzlerLaw September 11, 2020

There are few things more fun for kids to do on a spring or summer day than enjoy a brand new trampoline with a few friends. But as the unsuspecting visitor to a home with a full-sized trampoline large enough for vaulting, tumbling, and all manner of aerobic gymnastics, there are, quite frankly, many things that could go wrong — chief among these being a severe injury that leaves someone badly hurt — and with you potentially having to file a legal claim.

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To avoid injuries and even fatalities due to trampoline injury accidents, we’ve put together a few guidelines for both the owners of backyard trampolines as well as for the parents of children visiting homes with trampolines. Remember, when it comes to trampoline accidents, all it takes is a few seconds for things to go wrong — especially when the right precautions have not been taken ahead of time.

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Tips For Trampoline Owners

According to NBCNews, Roughly 100,000 people each year — most of them children — must be taken to the emergency room due to a trampoline injury.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) explains in its reporting that the main causes for these ER visits have to do with:

  • Landing the wrong way on the trampoline after jumping up
  • Having a mid-air collision with another person on the trampoline
  • Accidentally jumping off, or falling off the trampoline after wrongly estimating where its edges are
  • Landing on either the frame or the springs of the trampoline rather than the bounce mat (trampoline bed)

A trampoline injury can imminently be avoided with just a few simple rules in place.

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Have a “Trampoline Rules” Sign

Consider having a sign made that you can hang within visibility of the trampoline for adults and older kids to read, and if they are new to your backyard, invite them to read the sign and agree to its contents before enjoying the trampoline.

Beyond a sign — and for the purposes of keeping smaller children safe, here are some rules that should be absolute musts in your yard — and rules that the parents of any visiting children must also be aware of so that they can discipline their own children should they fail to follow them.

Top 10 Rules for Keeping Kids and Others Safe On and Around Your Trampoline

  1. Strongly consider investing in a trampoline enclosure: It will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of about $149–$499 unless you have an absolutely enormous trampoline, in which case you may have to spend around $1000 — but when you consider the cost of even a garden variety emergency room visit, including an ambulance ride, is about two to four times that much, you begin to understand exactly why it’s worth the investment.
  2. When deciding where to place your trampoline in your yard, be sure to set it up as far away as possible from any other structures, trees, shrubberies, or other foliage, and so on, and…
  3. Additionally, if you have other play areas in your back yard, be sure these are not within 15–20 feet or less of the trampoline — this is important because in the event that someone does take a tumble, you would rather that they fall on the soft grass below than on another child at play below, or worse, hit his or her head on the hard frame of a sandbox or other play area item, such as a slide or ladder.
  4. When adults are using the trampoline, allow only one person on at any given time.
  5. Do not allow any child under the age of six to use a full-sized trampoline, even if a guardian is on the trampoline with them: The reason for this is that if alone, the child could take a fall, and it would be a much farther fall, and if accompanied by an adult, a mid-air collision with an adult could cause serious injuries to the child.
  6. When children between the ages of seven and nine are on a full-sized trampoline, allow only one child per six to eight square feet, as this will give them the space they need to jump, bounce, and land without colliding.
  7. For children ages 10 through 12, allow only two per time to bounce, unless you have a trampoline that is 12–15 feet wide with a weight capacity of 375 pounds or more. Children aged 13 and up should abide by the adult trampoline rules.
  8. Don’t allow somersaults, especially for children or when children are present on the trampoline bed.
  9. All trampolines come with shock absorbing pads, and these should entirely cover all hooks, springs, and the frame of the trampoline. Never allow the use of your trampoline if these pads are not in place, have fallen off, are broken or are worn out.
  10. Never use a ladder with a trampoline for the purposes of getting on or off: This could result in a small, unsupervised child winding up on the trampoline without adults being aware, especially in a party atmosphere.

If You or Your Child Have Been Injured On a Trampoline, Now’s the Time to Seek Representation

If you or your loved one have been injured due to negligence on the part of a trampoline owner, you need to know you have rights, chief among these being the right to legal representation that will take your case seriously and work hard to ensure that justice is served.

In many situations in the state of Arizona, homeowners have a legal obligation to ensure that they are exercising the appropriate level of care and precaution when it comes to those who are visiting their home and/or yard – In other words, this falls under Premises Liability laws. A breach of this homeowner duty may be viewed by the court or a jury as negligence — and if that’s potentially the case in your situation, the earlier you prepare, the better.

If you or your child have been involved in a trampoline injury that was not your fault, contact Hutzler Law today for a free Phoenix personal injury lawyer consultation about obtaining personal injury legal representation in Arizona. To begin with your no-cost legal consultation today, visit www.hutzlerlaw.com or dial 602.602-730-4530.

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