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In the warmer months, swimming pools offer many hours of enjoyment for children and adults of all ages. But, even if you plan to swim attentively with your children or any child or children for that matter, it is critically important to implement strategies for pool safety so that everyone can enjoy swimming safely and avoid injury and trips to the hospital. We’ve taken the time to compile this list of important things you can do to keep your own pool area safe during the swimming season — but of course, be sure to implement any other additional strategies you think are important to your safety and that of your own or other children enjoying your pool.

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You should start by purchasing rescue equipment. Then, keep it within easy reach and available in the area surrounding the pool. This can provide substantial help in lessening potential injuries if a water accident does happen. Residential pool rescue equipment items include everything from automatic or manual safety covers for both your pool and your hot tub (for the hot tub, consider a locking cover to always keep children out), a life ring or shepherd’s hook, a rope and float line, floating arm bands (floaties) for any child who is not yet a proficient swimmer, goggles to help with visibility while swimming, a First Aid Kit for any smaller injuries that can happen while swimming, and floating safety divider rope to separate the deep end frm the shallow end of the pool, as this will help you group smaller children together and keep a closer eye on them.

Adults Should Supervise Children Around the Pool Area at All Times

It is important for you to sit down with your children and explain all about how to act safely both in and out of the water. If children will be coming to your home to swim, then it is equally important for you to discuss safe swimming pool behavior with all of them before allowing them to enter the pool area. If your children will instead be going to a pool at a friend’s or neighbor’s house, make certain to talk to them about safety before they leave. Make certain to speak with your friend or neighbor to make certain that there will be an adult present by the pool while the children are swimming at all times.

Many people fail to think about the drain at the pool’s bottom. While often overlooked as a potential pool danger, many children have become entrapped by pool drains because of the drain’s suction pulling them down and holding them at the bottom of the pool and have suffered serious injuries or even death as a result.

Taking a Pool Safety Program or Swimming Classes

If a drain’s cover is broken or missing, it is very easy for people to become trapped beneath the water. A good way to prevent this problem from ever occurring is to make certain that you have your pool regularly and properly serviced and maintained. In addition to good maintenance, you may want to enroll your children in a swimming class or pool safety program. Having your children receive professional swimming and pool safety instruction can be one of the most important ways that you can reduce the chance of a pool accident.

Swimming lessons are available for children of all ages, including even infants, and it is very smart to enroll them from the moment you know there will be a pool or anywhere for them to swim anywhere in their life. With that said, even if your child is enrolled in a swimming course, you should still remain vigilant and alert, and never leave either your children or any visiting children alone either near your pool or alone in it. This includes not even excusing yourself to go to the bathroom or answer the phone.

In case an interruption occurs, it is smart to make sure that two adults are present so that the children will remain supervised even if one needs to excuse themselves for a minute or two.

Always Keep Critical Information Within Arms Reach

On the hopefully off chance that someone does get critically injured or worse, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you don’t have every bit of information you may need if you do end up having to call for an ambulance or help from another parent or neighbor. If you are having other children such as friends of your own kids or other neighborhood children over to swim, do not let their parents leave without giving you the child’s full name, the parent’s full name, the phone number where they can be reached, the phone number of that child’s doctor, the home address of that child’s family, and if possible, other crucial information, such as the child’s birthday, blood type, and a list of any allergies to medications.

If you have recently moved and do not yet know your home address by heart, have that posted somewhere where you can easily access and read it in the event you do have to call the police or an ambulance — this will ensure that in the worst case scenario, the ambulance or even a helicopter can get to you as quickly as possible — because they will be able to find you immediately.

Install An Approved Fence That Completely Encloses Your Pool

In addition to uninterrupted adult supervision when children are playing in a pool, it is also a good idea to become certified in CPR and First Aid. When a person is injured in a swimming accident, they have a much greater chance of recovering if a person is present who can administer CPR or First Aid to them until help arrives.

Finally, it is of utmost importance that you install an approved fence that completely encloses your pool. This can help prevent area children from wandering in and falling into the pool and can help keep kids safe no matter the time of year. This fence should be professionally installed and should have a locking gate that is only accessible to adults, never, ever to children under the age of 18.

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