How Does an Insurance Company Decide Who Is at Fault?

HutzlerLaw November 26, 2022
It is not uncommon for people to be confused about insurance matters in personal injury law cases.  Victims of auto accidents often have fuzzy memories of what occurred and eye witness accounts may vary. Determining if an insurance company will pay, and... Read More

How Our Attorneys Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

HutzlerLaw November 26, 2022
Although State Farm loves to market itself as a good neighbor, when you file a claim with them, you may find it is anything but that. Like other insurance companies, State Farm is not here to be a friend or neighbor. Instead,... Read More

Three Common Car Accident Scenarios – Who’s at Fault and Who Pays?

HutzlerLaw November 22, 2022
Driving down the road can be scary. It can sometimes feel like everybody’s in a hurry or that nobody’s paying attention. And that’s in normal traffic. Add in some congestion or road work, and it’s enough to make you grip a little... Read More

What Does Contingency Fee Mean?

HutzlerLaw November 18, 2022
Many injured Phoenix personal injury victims and families want to know, "What does a contingency fee mean?" Have you ever seen a lawyer’s ad where they claim, “No win, no fee?” Well, that is the summarized definition of a contingency fee. It... Read More

Work From Home Injury Advice – Am I Covered?

HutzlerLaw November 18, 2022
Currently, at least 25% of Americans continue to work from home as an effect of the pandemic. But what about the thought of a work-from-home injury? How is that factored, and what coverage is available? At the height of the coronavirus in... Read More

Car Accident Caused by Weather Conditions

HutzlerLaw November 18, 2022
Bad weather caused my car accident! What can I do? If you are from Arizona, you know the bad weather that comes from the monsoon season. In the past 50 years, dust storms alone caused the third-highest weather-related fatalities. Not only is... Read More

Top Facts About Slip and Fall Injury Claims

HutzlerLaw November 18, 2022
Slip and fall injury claims are common in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. Falling in Walmart, slipping outside of a restaurant, or tripping inside a mall can all result in serious injury and harm. Businesses and property owners have the... Read More

My Car is Defective and Caused an Accident

HutzlerLaw November 18, 2022
Help! My car is defective and caused an accident - what can I do? Our Phoenix personal injury attorneys hear this quite frequently. It is no surprise that today's automobiles are much safer than ever. Technologies, devices, and equipment ensure car passengers... Read More

Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accident Injury on Arizona Roads

HutzlerLaw November 17, 2022
Riding motorcycles has been a passion for many Americans over the years, and most riders still use their motorcycle as their main source of transportation to and from work. The U.S. Bureau of Transport states that registrations of motorcycles have increased from... Read More

Interesting Facts About Semi Truck Accidents in Arizona

HutzlerLaw November 17, 2022
Although commercial truck accidents are not as talked about as traditional passenger vehicle collisions, they often cause more serious damage. The law states that any vehicle carrying over 10,000 pounds is considered a truck, but often times these trucks carry much more.... Read More