Phoenix Distracted Driving

HutzlerLaw September 16, 2022
All it takes is one glance away from the road for a motorist to cause a tragic accident. And as a victim of this horrifying crash, you can be left with financial, emotional, and physical hardships that can forever change your life.... Read More

Commercial Truck Accidents

HutzlerLaw August 2, 2022
A commercial truck accident is one of the worst vehicle accidents. Because commercial vehicles are often much heavier and larger than your car or even a full-size pickup truck, you could suffer severe to catastrophic injuries or even death in a commercial... Read More

Causes of Truck Accidents

HutzlerLaw August 2, 2022
In the wake of any truck accident, everyone wants to know what happened and who was to blame. Lawyers, insurance adjusters, law enforcement, and courts answer these questions by investigating the cause of the crash. Discovering the cause allows them to decide... Read More

​When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

HutzlerLaw August 1, 2022
After an accident, even one that causes significant injuries, many people question whether they need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Do you, for example, require a personal injury lawyer to help handle the aftermath of a car accident? Can a personal... Read More

​Dangers of Speeding and Injury Accidents

HutzlerLaw July 30, 2022
Most of us exercise a lot of caution when we drive on the roadways. However, traffic delays, the hassle of getting our family ready to start the work and school day, or losing track of time can all result in someone putting... Read More

Drowsy Driving Is Dangerous Driving

HutzlerLaw July 29, 2022
Everyone assumes they will make it to their destination unharmed when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Statistically, this may be an accurate assumption, but we also know that every year, thousands of people are involved in roadway accidents across... Read More

Case Stages After a Personal Injury or Car Accident

HutzlerLaw July 28, 2022
Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney Your free initial consultation with Hutzler Law will be one of the most critical meetings concerning your personal injury case. During this meeting, your attorney that will personally manage your case will begin gathering information about your... Read More

How Do I Prove Wrongful Death?

HutzlerLaw July 28, 2022
Losing a loved one suddenly puts a tremendous strain on your entire family. You are dealing with profound grief and confusion; in some cases, you may feel angry. All of these emotions are perfectly normal reactions to a loss. When you expect... Read More

Rollover Accidents

HutzlerLaw July 27, 2022
Truck rollover accidents that involve passenger vehicles are often deadly because of trucks’ size and weight. Even an empty box trailer is heavy enough to crush a passenger vehicle. A tractor-trailer truck may roll over for many reasons, including the actions of... Read More

Semi-Truck Blind Spot Accidents

HutzlerLaw July 25, 2022
While semi-truck drivers must check and double-check traffic in their blind spots, those driving passenger vehicles must mind the trucker's blind spots. A truck with a 53-foot trailer has significant blind spots in the front, rear, and on both sides of the... Read More