Here are some of the settlements that the Hutzler Law team has recovered for clients. These include victories from many different injury cases including personal injuries, car accidents, dog bites, and more.

Car Accident – A.M. v. Geico Insurance

Our client was traveling westbound on US 60 when they were rear-ended after slowing down due to heavy traffic. Our client suffered neck and lower back injuries and was later diagnosed with a concussion due to hitting their head on the seat when the accident happened. We recovered the defendant’s insurance policy limits after our client completed the necessary treatment.

Car Accident – A.S. v. Sedgwick Insurance

Our client suffered severe injuries due to a highway design error while traveling on the 1-17 southbound late at night. She collided with a concrete wall that lacked proper signage, we were able to recover a successful settlement amount from both the construction and barricade companies.

Car Accident – P.B. v. Geico Insurance

Our client was traveling in Scottsdale when the defendant made a left hand turn from a private drive on to the main road where they collided with our client’s driver side causing them to spin out of control. Our client suffered neck and lumbar back injuries from the accident and their treatment required a series of epidurals for the pain. We were able to obtain every dollar available under the defendant’s insurance policy for our client.

Dog Bite – G.B. v. Liberty Mutual

At 70 years old, our client suffered dog bite injuries after visiting their neighbor’s home on two separate occasions. The dog caused puncture wounds on our client’s hands and arms, which required treatment like stitches and rabies shots. We recovered a six-figure settlement from the defendant’s homeowners insurance.