Phoenix offers a robust pedestrian infrastructure that makes it easy for many Phoenix residents and visitors to use active transportation methods to get around town, including walking or biking.

However, that robust pedestrian infrastructure does not entirely prevent the risk to Phoenix pedestrians. Often, drivers will commit negligent acts that could result in severe injuries or death for pedestrians, including ignoring traffic signals, speeding, or failing to look out for pedestrians already in crosswalks.

Did you suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident on 27th Avenue? Did you get hit while trying to cross McDowell Road? Hutzler Law can help you learn more about your potential right to compensation following a devastating pedestrian accident in Phoenix.

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Why Use Hutzler Law for Your Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Claim?


Pedestrian accident injuries can cause ongoing devastation in many areas of the patient’s life. You may often suffer from serious physical limitations because of pedestrian accident injuries. Not only that, severe injuries can cause ongoing financial challenges, especially if your injuries prevent you from going back to work.

Hutzler Law can file your claim for you.

Personal Support

At Hutzler Law, we help our clients feel a vital personal connection that can help them feel more confident about progressing with their claims and provide support throughout the claim. Our lawyers will talk directly with our clients to ensure they understand their claim, their rights, and the steps they may need to take to protect themselves as they manage the complexities of the claim.

Aggressive Approach

Our attorneys assume that every claim will end up in court, and we start preparing with that in mind from the moment we start representing a client. While most pedestrian accident claims settle out of court, we take an aggressive approach, showing the insurance companies that we mean business. As a result, insurance companies may prove more likely to issue high settlement offers that more accurately reflect the needs of our clients.

Convenient Connection

We aim to make the claim process as convenient for our clients as possible. Not only do we have a convenient location, we provide virtual consultations when needed to help our clients connect with us as easily as possible.

Furthermore, we understand the financial challenges that may accompany an injury claim, so we start with a free consultation that makes it easy for our clients to get started. Then, we accept claims on a contingent fee basis, which means you only pay when we win.

Compensation for Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Injuries

If you suffered severe injuries in a Phoenix pedestrian accident, you may have equally severe medical bills to go along with your pedestrian accident injuries. At Hutzler Law, we carefully identify all the expenses our clients incurred in dealing with pedestrian accident injuries and ensure they understand the compensation they deserve so they can file an injury claim that includes all the injuries associated with the accident.

While we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover for pedestrian accident injuries, we can help you look at the different areas compensation usually breaks down into and what you should reasonably expect from your pedestrian accident claim.

Remember that pedestrian accident compensation may depend on the severity of the injuries you sustained and the insurance policy that covers the liable party. Working with a lawyer can help you determine what compensation you should reasonably expect as part of a pedestrian accident claim. It may make it easier for you to identify all elements and clauses of the insurance policy.

Medical Costs

Dealing with high medical costs often comes as part of a Phoenix pedestrian accident. Whether you sought treatment from one of the HonorHealth hospitals or Banner University Medical Center of Phoenix, you may find your medical bills increase as you deal with complications from your accident.

Talk to our attorneys about all the medical expenses from your Phoenix pedestrian accident injuries, from the cost of emergency medical care for acute injuries to long-term treatments for your ongoing challenges.

Lost Earnings or Earning Potential

Frequently, pedestrian accident injuries can lead to immense complications with your usual work. If you suffer broken bones, it could prevent you from working in construction or taking care of factory work. If you suffered a brain injury, it could make it very difficult to handle work responsibilities that require you to take on cognitive tasks.

The more your injuries impact your specific work, the longer it may take before you can get back to work. That lost income can pose a substantial challenge as you recover from your injuries. At Hutzler Law, we can look at what income you have lost because of your Phoenix pedestrian accident injuries and what compensation you might deserve for it.

Your Suffering

Often, pedestrian accident claims will include compensation for the suffering you may have faced due to the accident. Pedestrian accidents and the associated injuries can cause complications: not just the immense physical pain associated with many injuries but ongoing emotional challenges that could continue to influence you long after the accident.

Many patients find that severe injuries interfere substantially with their overall enjoyment of life after an accident. Others may find that a pedestrian accident causes acute PTSD symptoms or increases overall depression or anxiety. Furthermore, you may suffer from ongoing loss of independence or changes in relationships due to your pedestrian accident injuries.

Talk to your lawyer about the suffering you may have faced and the compensation you can include as part of your claim.

Phoenix Pedestrian Accidents: What You Need to Know

Despite programs designed to make walking a safer option for Arizona residents, Phoenix roadways may continue to pose a heavy danger to many residents. Dangerous intersections across Phoenix may make it very difficult to cross safely. Furthermore, many roads lack adequate crosswalks, which means that many Phoenix residents may choose to jaywalk instead of walking down to the nearest crossing option.

Many of Phoenix’s worst roadways, where the greatest number of pedestrian accidents occur, contain relatively limited crossing options, leaving pedestrians at an extreme disadvantage. While the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan passed in 2017 aims to help increase safety across Phoenix, many residents and visitors nonetheless suffer serious injuries as pedestrians each year.

Common problems may include:

  • Speeding drivers, especially on busy roads
  • Distracted drivers who do not note the presence of pedestrians, especially those who may choose not to cross at an intersection
  • Inebriated drivers, especially in the later evening hours
  • Drivers who injure pedestrians by ignoring the rules of the road

At Hutzler Law, we have extensive experience helping Phoenix pedestrian accident victims learn more about their rights and determine the cause of their accidents. Our lawyers can help you determine who bears liability for your accident.

Common Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Phoenix pedestrian accidents can lead to a range of serious, life-altering injuries.

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Friction burns
  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations

Often, pedestrian accident victims will find themselves facing ongoing challenges that may impact the rest of their lives.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident

In many cases, the insurance company that covers the liable driver will not make your Phoenix pedestrian accident claim easy. You may find yourself fighting to recover the compensation you really deserve for your injuries, especially if you face substantial injuries and must deal with long-term complications.

The insurance company may:

  • Push you to accept a low, fast settlement offer
  • Try to deny its driver’s involvement in or liability for the crash
  • Deny the injuries you suffered or the medical treatment you needed

At Hutzler Law, we often help our clients deal with insurance companies more successfully. We provide our clients with comprehensive support and advice to help them navigate interactions with the insurance company and fight for the compensation they deserve. Furthermore, we start each claim with the idea that the claim may end up in court, so we help our clients gather comprehensive evidence and produce compelling evidence of the injuries they sustained and the compensation they may deserve.

After a Pedestrian Accident in Phoenix: What To Do Next

Dealing with the aftermath of a Phoenix pedestrian accident can feel extremely traumatic. Of course, you should have reported the accident and sought any needed medical attention immediately.

As you recover from your injuries, however, you may need to take additional action to help protect your right to compensation for those injuries.

  • Keep track of all medical payments you may have made. You may need to lay out the bills you have had to pay due to your injuries.
  • Follow the instructions made by your medical care provider.
  • Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Working with Hutzler Law can help you address any challenges the insurance company may put in your way and make it easier for you to maximize the results from your claim. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of pedestrian accidents in the Phoenix area and can help protect your rights.


What should I do about the medical bills from my Phoenix pedestrian accident?

Whether you sought treatment at Banner University Medical Center or one of the HonorHealth hospitals, you may have immense medical bills related to a pedestrian accident. Since you suffered those injuries in a car accident, you may have the right to use your MedPay coverage to help cover the cost of medical treatments.

You may also use the funds from a personal injury claim to help cover the expenses associated with the accident. However, your pedestrian accident claim will not require the liable party to pay for your medical bills directly. Instead, you will use the funds to cover your medical expenses.

If I did not cross in a crosswalk and suffered pedestrian accident injuries, can I still file a claim?

Because Phoenix does not have a strong pedestrian infrastructure, including adequate crosswalks, you may end up crossing outside a crosswalk regularly. If the driver that hit you causes the accident due to negligence, including speeding or failing to take adequate precautions on the road, you may have the right to file a compensation claim. Talk to a lawyer about how the accident occurred and what compensation you may deserve.

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