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Very few things in life are as scary as being in a motorcycle accident. Whether you in a passenger vehicle, or on a motorcycle, the experience can be very nerve-wracking and disturbing. Sadly, there is a long list of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen.

Although many people believe that a majority of the accidents are caused by the motorcycle, it is far from the truth. In all reality, most of these motorcycle accidents occur because other drivers on the road are not paying attention and do not see the motorcycle approaching their vehicle.

Motorcycles are small in size which is why drivers need to give their full undivided attention while they are behind the wheel. To add to the danger of this situation, motorcycles are also low-profile which makes it hard to see them in heavy traffic, at nighttime, and in bad weather conditions. It is always critical to look twice when the road conditions become more difficult as it could potentially save the life of a biker.

Car Cuts Off Motorcycle

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Below you will find a brief list of specific types of accidents that Hutzler Law finds to be the cause of another driver’s negligence:

  • Failure to yield at the right-of-way of the motorcycle
  • Making a left turn while there is a motorcycle approaching from the front
  • The violation of traffic laws at an intersection
  • Collision at the rear end of a motorcycle
  • Opening the door to a vehicle without looking to see if there is a motorcycle approaching
  • Changing lanes and not taking the time to look out for a motorcycle that could potentially be in a blind spot

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Protection from Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Bikers have an extreme disadvantage when it comes to protecting themselves from injuries in an accident. Besides wearing a helmet and jacket, there is very little that motorcycle riders can do to help protect themselves from accident-related injuries. This is why it is so common for riders to be killed in an accident. Their bodies are left open to a world of catastrophe that can be life-threatening and devasting.

Safety Gear to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

In order to gain some type of protection, there is a variety of motorcycle safety gear you can purchase to help try and limit accident-related injuries. Some gear that can be quite beneficial for protection is leather gear, helmets, steel toe boots, and skid pads. Although this gear will not help you avoid motorcycle accident injuries altogether, it can surely help decrease the chances of more severe injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Arizona

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that around 8.4 million motorcycles were registered legally on the roads of the United States in 2018. There were also around 88,000 riders that were injured in a motorcycle accident and about 4,700 of them were fatally injured. Sadly, the death toll of motorcycle crashes is something that never truly decreases greatly the way our community wants it to.

Below is a list of 2018 Arizona Motorcycle statistics:

  • In Arizona alone, there were 210,427 registered motorcycles.
  • In 2018, there were 2,806 reported accidents involving a motorcycle, 159 were fatal. This number is down from the 165 fatalities reported in 2017.
  • Alcohol-related accidents resulted in 152 crashes and 40 fatalities.
  • More than 60% of crashes happened in the Day.
  • Of the 2,806 accidents, only 1,395 motorcycle operators wore helmets.
  • Only 19 states require all motorcyclists wear helmets. Arizona is not one of them.

Sadly, the chances of individuals on a motorcycle are 35 times greater than the risk of death in a passenger vehicle. This reason alone should be enough for drivers to take the time and look in their mirrors before changing lanes or making a left turn. Just by doing this one simple thing, you could easily save the life of a biker.

Why Deaths with Motorcyclists are More Common than Passenger Vehicles

For starters, there are no steel roll cages or frames around the bikers to protect them in a collision. Passenger vehicles have this protection which is why their injuries are less severe in an accident than a motorcycle. Motorcycles also lack seatbelts and airbags which play a large role in protecting drivers in a passenger vehicle. It is also important to understand that is much more difficult to keep two wheels stable and under control than it is with a vehicle with four wheels.

Altogether, these reasons show how much easier it is to die on a motorcycle than in a passenger vehicle. Although injuries and death cannot always be prevented, it is important to remember that you can decrease the chances of an accident by checking all your mirrors before making any turns. For bikers, you can help reduce the severity of your injuries by wearing all the proper gear when you are on your bike.

At Hutzler Law, we discovered a study that is by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They recently reported that over half of all motorcycle accidents involved other passenger vehicles. A majority of bikers are thrown from their bike the moment they collide with another vehicle, stationary object, or even the ground. What this means is that their injuries occur during the first initial impact that causes them to launch in the air and then again, the moment they stop on a solid surface.

These facts should help give bikers the incentive to wear the proper gear while riding their motorcycle. Even if the initial impact does not cause life-threatening or severe injuries, the second impact of hitting a solid surface can be the one that causes fatal injuries. By wearing a helmet and even skid pads under your jacket, you will greatly reduce the severity of your injuries.

6 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because of the fact that bikers have little to no protection from injuries in an accident, they tend to suffer catastrophic injuries. Even though wearing biking gear can help reduce the severity of injuries, it will not altogether prevent them. When injuries occur, some may be fatal, and others can cause paralysis or even amputation.

Some injuries that are common in motorcycle accidents are:

  • Scrapes, cuts, and road rash
  • Fractures in the hip, foot, and leg
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Fatal injuries of many types

Injuries that occur at the lower party of the body, including broken bones, are the most common injuries that are sustained in a motorcycle accident. Out of all the injuries, head trauma and spinal cord injuries are the most severe and painful. With a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries, paralysis can occur and possibly result in death or loss of all motor skills.

Even if these injuries do not result in death, they can surely alter the outcome of the victim’s life and their close relatives. Hospitals only care for patients for so long before the patient is sent home to be cared for by family members and traveling nurses. To avoid more severe injuries, all you have to do is wear the proper riding gear to protect your body from harm.

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What Can Happen When Not Wearing Protective Gear

It is always important for bikers to understand that death does not discriminate. Motorcycle accidents can and will happen if drivers of a passenger vehicle take their eyes off the road for even a second when a motorcycle in near their vehicle. Although a majority of bikers have worn helmets and sustained fatal injuries, it is important to understand that in many cases, a helmet saved the lives of many bikers.

Road Conditions can Cause a Motorcycle Accident

By not wearing a helmet, you are leaving your skull and brain open to a wide variety of fatal injuries. By taking the time to put on a helmet, you can avoid potential injuries that may result in death or life-altering injuries.

In 2016, 41% of fatal motorcycle crashes happened to bikers who were not wearing a helmet for added protection. In the same year, helmets saved 1,859 lives in potentially fatal crashes. Just by taking the time to strap on a helmet before you take off for an afternoon bike ride can save your life if you were to be involved in an accident.

Why You Need a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident that caused injuries or even death, you are going to need the helping hand of a legal professional. By seeking out legal help, you can get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained. Our attorneys at Hutzler Law have a full understanding of Arizona’s motorcycle laws, as well as in-depth knowledge of injuries related to motorcycle accidents.

All of our attorneys are professional and aggressive in seeking out the compensation you truly deserve. We also strive to break through all the stigmas that are associated with motorcyclists.

Here at Hutzler Law, we work very hard and strive to maintain our professional reputation with bikers in the state of Arizona. The way we gained this reputation is by showing honesty, integrity, aggressiveness, and the professional knowledge that these cases require. Many attorneys claim to be just as aggressive, but we want you to not that we do not just claim it, we show it. We will follow through with all the evidence provided to us in order to build a solid case for your accident.

Remember, if you do not seek out the assistance of a personal injury attorney, you can greatly decrease your chances of winning compensation for your injuries. Before you go ahead and make the choice to represent yourself, ask yourself if it is worth the risk. Our attorneys at Hutzler Law would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about a potential case and the possibility of compensation for your injuries.

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