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When a dog bite attack happens, it can change the victim’s life permanently in just a matter of seconds. When you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a dog, it can happen almost anywhere including public areas, a friend’s home, or even while you are out for your morning jog.

As most owners find it hard to believe that their family pet could ever be the cause of an injury to another human being, the reality of it is, dog attacks do happen and when they do, it can and will result in severe injuries to the victim.

No matter what type of dog attack it is or how friendly they are, animals are instinctual and dominant in nature. This means they are all capable of attacking and injuring an adult or child. When the attack happens, the victim will not only go through physical trauma but also mental trauma and even stress from having to pay all the medical bills associated with all of their injuries related to the dog attack.

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Why Do Dog Attacks Occur and What Should You Do?

There are numerous factors that could results in a dog attack. Below are some examples:

  • Breed of Dog – certain breeds such as Pit Bull, Chow-Chow and German Shepherds have been known to be more aggressive than other breeds. However, all breeds can show signs of aggression, even a Teacup Yorkie (yes, it’s true!).
  • The dog has an object in its possession, such as a toy;
  • The dog is territorial about its space;
  • The owner has neglected the dog;
  • The female dog is in heat, or has puppies it is protecting;
  • The dog is not properly restrained on a leash or fenced; etc.

We all know dog bites happen and when they do, the victim of the attack should never have to suffer any more than they already have with the injuries they sustained during the attack. By hiring a professional trained personal injury lawyer from the office of Hutzler law, you can get the legal services you need in order to pursue a case related to a dog attack and injuries to you or a loved one.

If you happen to be a victim of a dog attack, give us a call today at (602) 730-4530 or go online to fill out our free consultation form below so one of our attorneys can contact you immediately.

Our professional team has a great deal of experience and have represented many dog bite injury victims in and around the Phoenix area. You deserve to have justice in your situation from the responsible party while you are taking the time to recover from your injuries. To get your justice, give us a call today so we can help you with your recovery.

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Who Will Be Held Liable When a Dog Bite Attack Happens?

Under Arizona State Law, ARS 11-1025 imposes liability very strictly with dog owners, if their dog is to attack another person who is in a public area, lawfully sitting or walking on private property. Jason Hutzler, who is an Arizona attorney with extensive experience in dogs bite cases states, “This means that the dog owner has responsibility for injuries inflicted by their pet.” If you happened to be attacked by a dog and injured while you were lawfully on private property, you can contact an attorney and file a claim against the owner of the dog.

In Arizona, there is no need for you to prove that the owner of the dog was aware that their animal was prone to attacks or vicious in nature. No matter what the circumstances are, the owner will still remain liable, no matter the knowledge of the situation with their dog. Only two situations can free them of liability for the attack. The two situations are: You cannot seek compensation for your injuries if you had provoked the dog to attack you. Also, you cannot file a case and receive compensation if you were illegally on the property where the dog resides.

In order to establish liability when you go to court, you will need to gather all the evidence you can on the dog attack and bring the information to your Phoenix dog bite attorney to fully discuss your case. The evidence will need to consist of eyewitness statements, police reports from the officers on the scene, and all the hospital documentation of your injuries. The medical documentation will need to show reports of your injuries and photographs to show to the courts so they can evaluate the damages done.

Basically, you will need to collect anything and everything that will help prove the identity of the dog and the attack that took place due to the negligence of the owner. In court, they will require some type of proof that the owner in which you filed a court claim against owns the dog that had attacked you and cause injuries to your body. Therefore, be diligent and organized with all your information.

What Type of Injuries can a Dog Attack Cause?

Even though we can invite dogs into our homes, at the end of the day, they are still animals. All dogs have sharp canine teeth and claws that are designed for hunting their prey. If at any moment, a do with aggressive behavior attacks a human being, it can very easily cause severe injuries to the victim involved. The injuries that are sustained from a dog attack can run from minor cuts and puncture wounds to severe wounds resulting in a prolonged hospital stay or even death.

Different types of damages and injuries suffered by dog attack victims are as follows:

  • Extremely deep cuts and tears in the skin
  • Damage to muscles from tearing or puncture wounds
  • Broken bones caused by the dog’s jaws crushing down in weight
  • Injury to the victim’s neck and even the spinal cord
  • Blood loss from deep wounds
  • Infections caused by dog saliva or bacteria from the site

A variety of victims suffering from a dog attack will also suffer from emotional issues due to the trauma of the attack. Thus, causing more long-term damages than the injuries they sustained from the bite. Although nothing can ever take away the emotional trauma from the attack, the money you can recover can help pay for the hospital bills and time taken off from work due to your injuries caused by the dog.

Recovering from a Dog Attack

Right after a dog attack occurs, it is important that you seek out immediate medical attention for your injuries. The damages done could potentially be internal which is very difficult to detect without the helping hand of a doctor and their staff. Next to seeking out the medical attention, you need for your injuries, visit your physician for a full-on examination.

This way, you can gain all the evidence you will need to file a claim with the courts and hold the dog’s owner responsible for all of your injuries related to the attack. If for some reason you had to be transferred to a medical emergency facility for care, be sure to ask for a medical report and all of the names of the doctors and nurses who treated you after the attack. Just the evaluation alone could possibly be the best piece of evidence and source of information you need to get compensation for your injuries.

Just the dog attack alone can easily cost a victim a lot of money after all is said and done. Seeking treatment for injuries and possibly having emergency care can easily cost thousands of dollars and even more if the victim has to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. Not only are the hospital bills serious, but most attacks result in the victim not being able to return to work right away, so they are losing out on their main source of income to be able to pay for the medical bills associated with the attack. By filing a claim and lawsuit against the owner of the dog, you can easily help yourself recover from all of these expenses.

The dog bite attorney you hire will be able to help you succeed in recovering compensation for all of your lost wages, medical bills, future earnings, and your current suffering caused by the injuries of the dog attack. Although no amount of money can possibly take away the scars or trauma from the attack, it can surely help compensate you for all your lost time at work and medical bills that are piling up on our table. Never pass up the opportunity to help yourself recover after a dog attack when all you have to do is contact  a personal injury attorney who is skilled in dog bite cases.

Statistics of Dog Attacks

Dog Bite Deaths by Breed

  • There are over 4.7 million dog attacks that happen each year
  • Every year around 3,000 postal service workers are bit while working
  • At least 12 people die a year from being involved in a dog attack
  • Mixed breeds are most commonly the ones who initiate the attack
  • In 2018, 36 fatalities occurred due to dog attacks
  • In 2018, 27,00 people had to undergo plastic surgery due to injuries they sustained from a dog attack
  • Within every 75 seconds in the United States a dog attack occurs
  • Households with more than two dogs are more likely to have dog attacks happen
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Why Hiring a Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney is the Best Choice for You

As litigation can be a very difficult process after a dog attack because of the owner trying their best to get out of liability, it is very important to seek out help from a professional attorney. There are numerous Arizona dog bite laws that help protect those that have been injured. Trying to represent yourself while pursuing a claim can result in inadequate preparation. Thus, leading you to a dead-end street and a potential loss when it comes to compensation for your injuries. With the help of the right attorney, you can easily be compensated and represented in a professional manner in front of the judge.

All of the professionally trained dog bite attorneys at the Hutzler Law office understand that dog attacks can be severely devasting to you as the victim. They also know that the attack not only leaves physical scars but emotional ones as well. Both of which will take an appropriate amount of time to heal. There is no need to also suffer from the debts related to your injuries of the attack when you are already suffering in numerous other ways.

Do yourself a favor and let the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Hutzler law help you find justice in your case while holding the dog’s owner responsible for the injuries you sustained during the dog attack. We can help you get the compensation you deserve to help pay for your medical bills and all the time you had to spend away from work while missing your weekly pay which is the source of your family’s income.

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