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Navigating the aftermath of a serious injury, especially when it results from someone else’s negligence, can introduce unforeseen challenges for both you and your loved ones. At such a pivotal moment, securing compensation through a personal injury claim becomes not just a legal avenue but a means to reclaim control over your life.

This is where a Scottsdale personal injury lawyer can serve as a crucial ally. Beyond legal representation, they step in to hold those responsible accountable, allowing you to focus on recovery. By entrusting them with the intricacies of insurance claim negotiations, you free yourself from an added layer of stress.

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Potential Compensation After a Personal Injury Claim

You may assume, if you end up dealing with an insurance company after your Scottsdale accident, that you will receive a fair offer that reflects the damages that you sustained in the accident. Unfortunately, in many cases, insurance companies will try to minimize the compensation they have to pay out as much as possible, rather than offering fair damages to the accident victim. 

That’s where an experienced personal injury lawyer comes in. At Hutzler Law, we understand the tactics insurance companies use to decrease the compensation they ultimately have to pay. Founding partner Jason Hutzler once worked as an insurance adjuster, and now uses that inside knowledge on behalf of the firm’s clients. 

While we cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover following your accident, we will start with a close look at the key areas in which you can claim damages after your accident. 

  • Medical costs: Often, medical costs are the highest financial costs you will face as a direct result of your injuries. Medical costs can include everything from immediate, emergency care after the accident, including transportation via ambulance, to the long-term costs of physical or occupational therapy following serious injuries. 
  • Income losses: When you sustain serious injuries, it can keep you out of work for a long time. You may end up unable to work not only while in the hospital, but as you recover from your injuries. Your lawyer can help you calculate the value of lost wages related to your recovery from the accident.
  • Pain and suffering: In addition to the tangible financial losses that go along with a serious accident, you may go through significant suffering. An attorney can calculate how to include the cost of those damages as part of your claim. 

By working with a lawyer, you can not only get a better idea of the compensation you really deserve for damages sustained in a serious accident, you can fight for your right to that compensation more effectively. Many people find that working with a personal injury lawyer following an injury substantially increases the compensation they can recover for those damages. 

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Common Types of Personal Injury Claims in Scottsdale

Injury claims can occur for a range of reasons. Generally, you have the right to file an injury claim when you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party. That can include:

Car Accident Claims

More than 3,000 car accidents, over 1,100 of them with injuries, occur in Scottsdale each year. Car accident claims include not only accidents between two personal motor vehicles, but also truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Whether you suffer injuries in a dangerous intersection like Hayden Road and Thomas Road or while driving down a residential street, a car accident can cause serious injuries and ongoing difficulties. 

Premises Liability Claims

When most people think of premises liability claims, they may imagine slip and fall accidents. While slip and falls are prevalent in many businesses, you can also suffer injuries due to falling objects or electrical wiring problems. When a property owner fails to properly maintain the premises, it raises the risk of an accident with substantial injuries. Not only do you have the right to file an injury claim if you suffer injuries in a public place, you may have the right to file a claim when you suffer injuries on private property due to the negligence of the property owner. 

Dog Bite Claims

Arizona dog bite law notes that the owner of a dog bears liability for any injury caused by that dog when the victim is in a public place where he otherwise has the right to be. That includes both cases in which the victim had the legal right to enter private property and cases in which the victim may have suffered injuries due to an attack in a public place. Dog bites not only lead to considerable immediate pain and suffering, they may have a high risk of infection. 

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim in Scottsdale?

At Hutzler Law, we will look over several key factors to determine whether you have the right to file an injury claim and who bears liability for your accident. 

  • Who had a responsibility to take care of you at the time of the accident? A “duty of care” includes a duty to somehow help others avoid accident. For example, drivers bear a duty of care to all others who share the roads with them, and need to act prudently in order to reduce the risk to others on the road. Property owners bear a duty of care to anyone who visits the property.
  • How did the liable party violate that duty of care? A violation of the duty of care includes any action taken by the liable party, or not taken by the liable party, that increases the risk to those to whom the liable party bears a duty of care.
  • How did that violation of the duty of care lead to your accident? In order to file an injury claim, you will need to show that the liable party’s negligent actions caused the incident. 
  • What injuries did you suffer because of the accident? In order to file an injury claim, you will need to show that you suffered some type of damages because of the liable party’s negligent actions. Most often, that will mean showcasing the injuries you sustained in the accident. 

By working closely with a personal injury lawyer at Hutzler Law, you can not only determine whether you have the right to file a personal injury claim due to the negligent actions of another party, you can show all parties that may bear liability for the accident. As a result, you can feel confident that you are maximizing your right to compensation as you move forward with your injury claim. 

Why Hire a Scottsdale Personal Injury Lawyer?

Any time you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party, even if you think you have a straightforward claim, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your right to compensation. Not only can a personal injury lawyer help collect evidence related to your accident, they can break down the damages you sustained and fight on your behalf with the insurance company to help maximize the compensation you can recover. 

You may notice several signs that you need to contact a lawyer to help with your claim as soon as possible. 

An Early Settlement Offer

Sometimes, the insurance company that covers the liable party will get in touch with you soon after the accident and offer a settlement. That settlement offer is generally a much lower amount than you really deserve for the damages you sustained in the accident. In fact, the insurance company may pressure you to accept an offer before you have a chance to fully determine what damages related to the accident will look like. A lawyer can help you determine how much compensation you should really expect. 

Denied Liability

When the insurance company denies liability for an accident, it does not mean that your claim is over. Rather, it means that you may need to appeal the claim. At Hutzler Law, we help determine the reason for claim denial and fight to help our clients establish liability and recover fair compensation for their losses. 

Difficulty Connecting with the Insurance Company

In some cases, you may have a hard time getting the insurance company to answer your calls about an accident. If you struggle to get in touch with the insurance company, or the insurance company does not get back to you in a timely manner about your claim, you may need to work with a lawyer to expedite the claim process. 

In addition, you should get in touch with a lawyer to ask any questions you have about the claim process or your right to compensation. By working closely with a lawyer, you can feel much more confident about the outcome of your claim and all its elements. 

FAQ about Scottsdale Personal Injury Claims

What is the statute of limitations in Phoenix personal injury claims?

Generally, in Scottsdale you have two years to file a personal injury claim from the date the injury. This means you have two years to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries.

How is the value of a personal injury calculated in Scottsdale?

The value of a personal injury claim in Arizona is calculated based on several key factors including your medical bills, compensation for any loss income, and non-economic damages. The value will also depend on the severity of the injury and the impact on your quality of life.

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