When visiting another property, from a business to a private residence, most people assume that the property owner will provide them with a reasonable level of safety while visiting. That means taking care of maintenance and letting visitors know about potential hazards on the property.

Unfortunately, some property owners throughout Phoenix may fail in that duty of care. Did you suffer a slip and fall accident in a Phoenix store due to the negligence of the store staff? Did you have a child fall into a swimming pool at a Phoenix home, suffering significant injuries? You may have the right to file a claim to help you receive compensation for the devastating losses and injuries associated with those incidents.


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Poorly Lit Parking Lot with Bad Lighting and No Security can be Grounds for Premises Liability Claims.

Hutzler Law Can Help After a Phoenix Premises Liability Incident


Premises liability injuries, from slips and falls to drownings, can cause serious, long-term repercussions and financial challenges in your life. At Hutzler Law, we help provide our clients with the comprehensive legal support they may need to navigate those devastating circumstances. We have extensive experience with many personal injury claims and stringent dedication to helping Phoenix accident victims get the full support they deserve.

Personalized Support

At Hutzler Law, we want each client to feel that they have received comprehensive, personalized legal support while dealing with the challenges that often arise during a premises liability claim. Our clients can speak directly with their lawyers, rather than feeling they must constantly go through a middleman. Furthermore, we offer compassionate support as our clients deal with the often devastating impacts of their injuries and process the aftermath.

Determined Representation

Our attorneys treat each claim as though it will end up in court. From the earliest stages of the claim, they build the case with comprehensive evidence, compelling language, and everything needed to present the case in a jury trial. In many cases, our efforts help convince the insurance company to settle out of court rather than pushing forward toward a courtroom case that the insurance company knows it will likely lose. As a result, our clients often receive the compensation they deserve.

Reasonable Fees

At Hutzler Law, we start with a free consultation that helps clients better look at their Phoenix premises liability claims and the steps they may need to take to receive the compensation they deserve. Then, we accept most cases on a contingent fee basis: our clients pay nothing unless we win. We never get more out of a case than our clients do.

Hutzler Law has a convenient location, making it easy for many clients to reach us for a consultation. Need to handle your consultation from a distance? We also offer virtual consultations and communications.

Compensation Following a Phoenix Premises Liability Accident

A premises liability accident can leave you with immense medical costs and complex financial struggles that can substantially impact your ability to manage your ongoing bills.

The compensation you can recover for a premises liability accident may depend on:

  • The insurance policy that covers the liable party. Business owners and property owners will usually carry insurance to protect them and any injured party in an accident.
  • The extent of your injuries.
  • How the insurance company deals with you after the accident.

At Hutzler Law, we understand that dealing with the insurance company can prove incredibly complicated and make it more difficult than anticipated to recover the compensation you may deserve after a premises liability accident. We work to help our clients maximize the compensation they can recover from the insurance company. We also help look at the losses you may have faced and the compensation you likely deserve based on the extent of your injuries.

Medical Costs

Medical bills after any accident can rise exponentially, especially if you suffer immense injuries. Whether you seek medical attention from HonorHealth or Banner University Medical Center after an accident, you can expect bills to come in for some time after the accident.

You may need emergency medical care immediately after the accident and long-term care that will help you recover from often extensive injuries. The greater your injuries, the greater your medical bills may grow, and the more compensation you may have the right to recover for those expenses.

Lost Income

As a result of your injuries from a premises liability incident, you may find yourself missing out on your income after the incident. You may remain out of work for some time, especially if you end up hospitalized. In some cases, your employer may even prefer you wait until you have recovered as much as possible from the accident before returning to work.

Talk to your lawyer about your income losses and how long they may continue to impact you. You may also want to discuss it with your lawyer if your injuries cause permanent problems with your work responsibilities.

Pain and Suffering

At Hutzler Law, we aim to help our clients recover compensation for all possible areas of suffering they have faced because of their accidents. That includes the general damages, or pain and suffering, related to the accident.

You may have the right to recover compensation for both physical pain and emotional distress from the accident. Let us know how your injuries have impacted you: the pain you have faced, the emotional distress you have had to contend with, and anything else that has affected you after your accident.

Phoenix Premises Liability Claims

Phoenix residents may face many premises liability challenges. Around 33 percent of homes in Phoenix have swimming pools, which can pose a potential danger for many area residents. Phoenix-area residents who do not take adequate care of their swimming pools may face liability when their lack of maintenance causes a serious injury. In addition, Phoenix residents may bear liability when they do not properly secure their pools, and a child or animal enters the pool area and drowns.

In addition, Phoenix ranks high as a pet-friendly city, which may encourage more residents to own animals. While animal ownership can bring advantages, it can also introduce hazards. A dog attack can cause immense injury. Poorly controlled animals may have a higher risk of causing serious injuries.

Phoenix residents may also face heavy heat dangers when approaching outdoor areas. During the intense heat of summer, burns can occur in a matter of seconds due to hot pavement or hot objects.

Types of Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability accidents can occur in many ways, often due to property owner negligence.

  • Swimming pool incidents can involve drowning, near-drowning, or injuries in or around the water. Phoenix property owners must carefully monitor their swimming pools to prevent them from serving as attractive dangers to children and pets.
  • Animal attacks can cause severe injuries, including immense emotional trauma. Phoenix law requires animals to remain under the control of their owners; however, accidents may still occur.
  • Falling objects can endanger many Phoenix residents, especially in stores and warehouses.
  • Slip and fall accidents can occur because of slick flooring, especially in the event of a spill.
  • Burns can occur due to hot objects outside, especially if the property owner fails to warn guests about those potential hazards.

Phoenix property owners should conduct regular maintenance to reduce the risk of these accidents.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Premises Liability Accident

Often, premises liability claims can result in a substantial fight with the insurance company as you try to pursue the compensation you may deserve. Premises liability claims may include complicated liability concerns, especially if the property has a different owner and manager.

At Hutzler Law, we help fight with the insurance company to increase the odds that our clients will maximize the compensation they can recover. We help look through property records, investigate the claim, and present clear, compelling evidence in a way that helps our clients win the fight with the insurance company.

What to Do After a Phoenix Premises Liability Accident?

Immediately after your accident, you hopefully reported the accident to the property owner and even called the police, if necessary. If you suffered severe injuries, you may have gone straight to the hospital for medical treatment. Now, you may need to protect your right to compensation for premises liability injuries.

What comes next?

  • Keep track of your medical bills
  • Follow your medical care provider’s instructions
  • Talk to a lawyer about your right to compensation.

At Hutzler Law, we can help you with the complex claim process that often comes after a serious premises liability incident. Our attorneys can help guide you through your next steps and protect your right to compensation.


I suffered injuries at a friend’s home in Phoenix due to the owner’s negligent actions. Should I file a claim?

People who have suffered injuries, particularly severe injuries, at the home of a friend or family member often struggle with the idea of filing an injury claim. They worry that they will end up causing financial devastation for a loved one and that they will end up destroying the relationship.

You have the same right to file an injury claim after an injury on private property that you would have if you suffered an injury at a business. In most cases, you will not file a claim against the property owner directly, and the property owner, while he may experience some increased insurance costs, will not bear the burden of the claim alone. Instead, you will file a claim through the property owner’s insurance company.

You may have substantial financial losses related to your injuries, including ongoing medical bills. If you do not pursue compensation through a premises liability claim, you may have relatively few options for handling those expensive bills and costs outside of paying for them yourself. Filing a claim can help you recover some of the funds you may have spent on medical care or lost because of your time out of work.

Does the property owner always bear liability for an accident on the property in Phoenix?

While the property owner in Phoenix often bears liability for a premises liability incident, frequently because the property owner fails to take care of needed maintenance on the property, other entities may also bear liability. A property owner may not bear liability when someone suffers an injury after entering the property illegally.

Furthermore, the business operating on a property, or a vendor visiting the property, may commit an act of negligence that results in severe injury for a visitor to that property. In that case, that entity, and not the property owner, would most likely bear liability for the incident.

What should I do if I get a settlement offer after a Phoenix premises liability accident?

Talk to a lawyer before accepting any settlement offer from a premises liability claim or another type of injury. Often, insurance companies will issue low initial settlement offers and hope that you will accept so that they do not have to pay out further compensation. A premises liability attorney in Phoenix can help you learn more about the compensation you actually deserve.

Do You Need a Lawyer After a Phoenix Premises Liability Incident?

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