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Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

Slip and fall injury claims, as shown by slip and fall accident statistics, are common in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. Falling in Walmart, slipping outside of a restaurant, or tripping inside a mall can all result in serious injury and harm. Businesses and property owners have the legal responsibility to keep their property free from potential...

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Contingency Fee Based Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

What Does Contingency Fee Mean? Many injured Phoenix personal injury victims and families want to know, “What does a contingency fee mean?” A contingency fee means that a lawyer only gets paid if they win or settle your case. Have you ever seen a lawyer’s ad where they claim, “No win, no fee?” Well, that is the summarized definition...

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What Is the Average Payout for a Motorcycle Accident in 2024?

When it comes to the average payout for a motorcycle accident, these amounts can range wildly. Yet, no average payout reflects your settlement following a motorcycle collision. In some instances, your case can result in substantially more money, while in others, you may receive much less. “To fully understand the average payouts for motorcycle collisions, it is essential to...

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents Arizona

If you ever lost your footing, you know how scary those brief few seconds can be. The loss of control and the fear of injury are enough to get your heart racing. Near misses are no doubt unsettling. But actually falling brings on a completely different set of challenges personal injury lawyers often deal with these incidents, which are...

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Arizona Slip and Fall Laws

You may have the opportunity to sue if you suspect negligence was the cause of an Arizona slip-and-fall. Insurance companies have a process in case someone trips on another’s property. However, you should become familiar with a few Arizona slip and fall laws. Specific state laws apply to claims of slips and falls. They determine when a case is...

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​How Much Is the Average Wrongful Death Settlement

The death of a loved one in a wrongful death accident is not something anyone expects, and if it happens to your family can leave you with many questions about how you can seek justice on their behalf. The law allows for certain family members of a wrongful death victim to file a claim or lawsuit for compensation when...

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​Why Is My Accident Settlement Taking so Long?

When you suffer serious injuries in an auto accident, you likely need a settlement as soon as possible. Medical bills are adding up faster than you can keep up with, and you have regular bills going unpaid due to a lack of income if you cannot work. Unfortunately, the legal process seems to move rather slowly as you struggle...

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Why Is My Accident Settlement Taking so Long?

Have you suffered significant injuries and losses in an accident? Are you now waiting forever to get the money you need to cover these costs and get back to living your life? While this may seem like a stressful situation, it is a common problem many accident victims have to deal with. That is why if you endured severe...

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Can You Sue a Taxi Company?

Hailing a taxicab is a convenient transportation option for those who choose not to drive or prefer the ease of calling for a ride when needed. Driving can be stressful, especially in congested and busy areas, and sometimes people prefer to have others drive for them. Unfortunately, taxicab passengers can be just as much at risk as others on...

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Can I Sue After a Car Accident in Arizona?

Yes, you can sue after a car accident in Arizona, if you believe the other party was at fault.  The vast majority of car accident claims are based on negligence. Suing only makes sense if another party’s negligence caused the accident. Even then, filing a lawsuit is the last step of a car accident claim process. Going to trial...

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