​Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After a Car Accident

Jason Hutzler January 4, 2023
The unforeseen loss of a loved one because of a car accident is a difficult and tragic situation. The pain and loss that a victim’s family must endure following their loved one’s death are unimaginable. Your life can change in an instant.... Read More

What Are Your Auto Repair Rights After a Phoenix Car Accident?

Jason Hutzler January 2, 2023
It's your automobile, so you can decide who fixes it after an accident.  You have the right to decide whether you want your car fixed after an accident and where you want the repairs done. Your insurance carrier may try to persuade... Read More

Top Car Seat Safety Tips to Prevent Injury in an Auto Accident

Jason Hutzler December 29, 2022
It was not long ago that car seats and seat belts were not required to be worn - shocking right? Now, Arizona laws are in place to protect children and other vehicle occupants from being seriously injured in automobile accidents. Using a... Read More

​How Does an Insurance Company Decide Who Is at Fault?

Jason Hutzler November 26, 2022
It is not uncommon for people to be confused about insurance matters in personal injury law cases.  Even seasoned car accident lawyers need to do their research to understand where fault can be applied. Victims of auto accidents often have fuzzy memories... Read More

How Our Attorneys Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

Jason Hutzler November 26, 2022
Although State Farm loves to market itself as a good neighbor, when you file a claim with them, you may find it is anything but that. Like other insurance companies, State Farm is not here to be a friend or neighbor. Instead,... Read More

What Is Dram Shop Liability in Arizona?

Jason Hutzler November 23, 2022
People die every day in drunk driving accidents. Nationally, 1.9 percent of drivers have admitted to drinking too much and then driving. Further, statistics show that over one million drivers are typically arrested yearly for driving under the influence. However, data shows... Read More

Three Common Car Accident Scenarios – Who’s at Fault and Who Pays?

Jason Hutzler November 22, 2022
Driving down the road can be scary. It can sometimes feel like everybody’s in a hurry or that nobody’s paying attention. And that’s in normal traffic. Add in some congestion or road work, and it’s enough to make you grip a little... Read More

What Can a Lawyer Do for You After a Car Accident?

Jason Hutzler November 20, 2022
Some car accident victims avoid hiring a lawyer because of concerns about money or because they do not truly understand what a lawyer can do for them after a car accident. First, you do not have to let financial concerns prevent you... Read More

Injured in an Uber Accident—Who Is Liable?

Jason Hutzler November 18, 2022
You may have used an Uber to visit a restaurant, get a ride home, or travel to and from the airport. Since Uber’s establishment in 2009, the company has grown tremendously due to the demand for quick and convenient transportation. Over the... Read More

How Many Types of Brain Injuries Are There?

Jason Hutzler November 18, 2022
Brain injuries take many forms, from concussions to massive cerebral trauma. But although their particulars can differ, all brain injuries hold the potential to disrupt your life, cause you pain, and burden you with crushing expenses. For that reason, it’s critical to... Read More