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When dealing with a serious injury, you may wonder whether you need a lawyer to help handle your personal injury claim. Does having a lawyer make a difference? At Hutzler Law, we have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of injury claims and the tools and skills to go up against the big names in insurance, including Geico. Having a Hutzler Law car accident attorney on your side can help make it easier to deal with the challenges of filing a Geico insurance claim.

Types of Geico Claims

You might best know the little Geico lizard’s promise to “save money on your car insurance.”

However, Geico also offers a variety of other types of insurance, including:

  • ATV Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • RV and boat insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

Depending on your damages, having that coverage can prove essential to recovering compensation for your injuries. However, filing a Geico injury claim may not be as simple as you hope.

How Our Lawyers Help Manage Geico Insurance Claims

You suffered injuries and deserve compensation due to the negligence of a party covered by a Geico policy. Maybe you suffered injuries in a car accident, or perhaps you suffered injuries in a premises liability accident due to the negligence of a renter or homeowner covered by Geico. Now, you need to file an injury claim.

Contact Hutzler Law as soon after your accident as possible. We can begin helping manage Geico insurance claims from the earliest days of that process.

We review the Geico insurance policy carefully to see what coverage and exceptions it names. At Hutzler Law, we start with a careful look at the insurance policy that covers the liable party and what coverage it offers. Each insurance policy may look a little different. Some policyholders carry specific riders to help protect them under scenarios they may have encountered or may fear encountering in the future. Others may choose not to carry those policies. Furthermore, Geico offers different types of coverage at different times, depending on how the company’s policies change. An older insurance policy may offer coverage no longer included in newer insurance policies or may lack coverage included in those policies.

At Hutzler Law, we carefully examine all the details offered by those policies. We look at the coverage, any exclusions or exceptions, and how much compensation the policy offers. Our lawyers have extensive experience reviewing insurance policies, so you can feel confident that you have all the relevant information as you progress with your claim.

We investigate the details related to the accident. To file an injury claim, you must clearly establish several key details.

The party that caused your accident owed you a duty not to harm you at the time of the accident.

Sometimes, you may have clear evidence of the duty of care. For example, every driver on the road has an implied duty of care to every other driver. A driver who grows distracted behind the wheel may violate that duty of care. In other cases, you may need to establish that the liable party owed a duty of care to you at the time of the incident. For example, you had the legal right to enter a specific property where the accident occurred, or a driver had a duty to drive safely and not rear-end you.

The party covered by the insurance policy committed an act that violated their duty and caused or contributed to your accident.

collecting witness statements

To file a Geico insurance claim, you will need to show that the party covered by the Geico policy did something that violated the duty of care to you at the time of the incident, leading to your accident. For example, you might need to show that a property owner failed to keep up with necessary repairs, leading to your accident; or you might need to establish that the liable party failed to issue a warning about the danger you might face in a certain area of the property.

We work to collect any evidence related to the accident, including critical details that can help establish exactly how the accident occurred.

Sometimes, that means looking at the accident itself directly:

  • Collecting witness statements.
  • Looking at photos and videos from the evidence.
  • Going to the scene of the accident to take a closer look.

In other cases, we may need to take other steps to gather evidence. For example, we might review past claims against a company to show other people suffered injuries similarly and they should reasonably have known about potential dangers. We might bring in an expert witness to help recreate the scene of the accident and better show how it occurred to support your claim. In many cases, we can use that information to create a clear, comprehensive claim that lays out exactly how the accident occurred and, as a result, who bears liability.

You suffered injuries because of the liable party’s actions.

To establish grounds for an injury claim, you must show that you suffered injuries because of the liable party’s actions. Injuries can take several forms. You can file an injury claim any time you suffer physical injuries because of another party, whether you suffer broken bones or a traumatic brain injury.

However, your lawyer will need to carefully display the extent of your injuries and the damages you sustained so you can file an accurate claim. If you cannot show that you sustained injuries in the accident, you may not have the right to file a claim. At Hutzler Law, we inspect the key details of your injuries and losses so that we can include those details as part of your injury claim.

We make sure our clients understand their rights. Working with our clients can prove just as important as working with the insurance company. When you sustain serious injuries in an accident, you may deserve compensation for your medical costs, lost wages from the accident, and pain and suffering associated with severe injuries.

However, many people do not fully understand their rights. They may feel pressured to accept an initial settlement offer, not realizing that they may have the right to additional compensation or the right to turn down an offer that does not fit their needs to fight for the compensation they deserve.

We ensure our clients understand how to protect their rights as they pursue an injury claim related to the accident. As a result, our clients feel prepared to fight for the compensation they deserve from the insurer. We provide our clients with ongoing support and offer answers to any questions they may have, which often allows them to make informed decisions that benefit them more.

We put together a comprehensive demand package that includes a look at all the losses you sustained because of the accident. When someone else’s negligence causes your accident, you may have the right to recover compensation for all the associated damages.

Your medical bills certainly top that list. For many people, those medical costs take top priority, as they can prove incredibly expensive, and you may have difficulty keeping up as they accrue. On the other hand, if your injuries keep you out of work, you may find yourself missing income in the middle of a very difficult financial period in your life. As a result, you may struggle more than anticipated.

At Hutzler Law, we work with our clients to lay out all the damages they can claim because of their accidents and injuries. We want to ensure that our clients have the highest chance of recovering the full compensation they deserve. By putting together a clear, comprehensive claim, we also help increase the odds that Geico will take the claim seriously.

We intercept communications with Geico for our clients. Dealing with the insurance company after a severe accident can quickly complicate things. You already have substantial losses, and the insurance company may make you feel you do not deserve the compensation you expect for your injuries or may pressure you to resolve the claim.

A low offer may further discourage you, especially if you find your medical bills simultaneously skyrocketing.

At Hutzler Law, we a prepared to handle communication for our clients. We can help intercept calls and settlement offers. We can sift through the information our clients need to know and the information they may not want to address. Additionally, we can respond to the Geico insurance agent’s demands more effectively to help move your claim along. In many cases, that can mean substantially less stress and greater overall confidence for our clients, who can focus on their recovery instead of on unreasonable demands from Geico.

We fight on our client’s behalf. At Hutzler Law, we know how much compensation you deserve from Geico, and we fight to help you get it. Often, Geico may throw barriers and roadblocks in your way to frustrate and discourage you. Without a lawyer to guide you, you may end up accepting a settlement offer that does not reflect the damages you sustained, just so that they can get the case over with and move forward with their lives.

At Hutzler Law, we fight to make sure your claim gets noticed, including communicating regularly with the insurance company to help increase the odds that the claim will move as smoothly as possible. We go after the evidence needed to clearly establish fair compensation and fight to hold Geico to the full extent of its insurance policy’s terms.

We stand prepared to take claims to court when needed. Most of the time, Geico prefers to settle claims out of court if possible. Going to court over an insurance claim may mean increased legal fees and a long, drawn-out process, which they generally prefer to avoid. However, sometimes court is necessary to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

At Hutzler Law, we are prepared to take our clients’ claims to court if needed. There, we provide comprehensive legal representation, from carefully laying out the claim so that the court can see what compensation is due to painting a full picture of the details of the accident. We also provide our clients with ongoing support through the court process.

Contact Hutzler Law for Help With Your Geico Insurance Claim

At Hutzler Law, we help our clients get the full support they need to deal with Geico following a personal injury accident. Do not try to handle a claim alone and risk losing compensation you can recover, potentially causing much more stress and financial turmoil. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are here to help!

Instead, contact Hutzler Law at (602) 730-4530 to get the legal support you

need to take on the insurance giants like Geico.

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