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It is no surprise that insurance companies will do their best to deny your injury claim and reduce the amount of money that is paid out.

Most insurance companies have insurance defense attorneys on staff to help combat your claims. They will look for any way to reduce the amount of damages. Below are some tricks they will often try to use and how having the right injury attorney on your case can fight them.

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Below is a list of ten common tricks that are used by insurance adjusters to try and devalue, extinguish, or deny your injury claim:

  1. Promises provided to you in order to get you a fair settlement while they are claiming side with you and your opinions on the case. The insurance adjuster is always working and focusing on his or her best interests and also for others working at that particular insurance company. All of their security, salary, and future hopes with the insurance company all depend on the turnout of all their cases. They also deeply depend on the amount of money they have been able to save the company they are working for. What this means is that all of your needs will not be of priority to them, as every one of your needs and what the insurance company needs are very much opposed.
  2. They will advise you to avoid getting a lawyer and to try and get a settlement before you are even able to contact an attorney. The insurance adjuster is already aware that an attorney will try their best to make their job much more difficult. This is because an attorney will not allow them to get away with avoiding having to pay you less than what you truly deserve. Taking the time to negotiate a settlement is not an easy task and an insurance adjuster is aware of the fact that as long as you do not have an attorney present, they will get whatever they desire with your case.
  3. Always ask for a recorded statement. Insurance adjusters are always looking for you to say something that will potentially hinder your case, even if it can be taken in a whole other manner. Even if you express that you are doing “just fine” when they ask you how you are doing in a normal conversation, it can and will be used against you if you decide to claim your injuries after your car accident. This is why is it extremely crucial for you to watch exactly how you word things.
  4. They will ask you to sign a release for the authorization to gain access to your medical records. By choosing to sign an authorization for the release of your medical records, the insurance adjuster is able to find out all different types of personal details about you. Anything they find within your records can easily be used against you, sometimes in a creative way. What they are aiming for here is to discredit you and find information that can potentially show that your injuries are false or caused by a prior incident. It is very important that you never sign any authorizations for your records without seeking advice from an attorney.
  5. They will try and have you reach an agreement to receive a fast settlement by signing a full release. There is always the possibility that you will be offered an immediate small settlement in lieu of signing a full release from all the other damages. As this happens quite often, including when you are on the scene of the accident, you will have not have had the appropriate amount of time to come to terms with the full extent of your injuries.
  6. Delay of the payment from your claim. When an insurance adjuster delays the payment of your claim and causes you to have to endure the loss of your wages and medical bills without any type of injury compensation for a duration of time, they know deep down that you succumb to the circumstances and crush under pressure. Therefore, you will sign for a lesser compensation amount than what you actually deserve, only so you can keep up on life’s expenses.
  7. Using surveillance to keep track of you. When you first claim a personal injury, the insurance company, most of the time, will hire investigators to keep an eye on you and also videotape or take photographs of how well you move with different activities. The purpose of this is to completely disprove your injuries. Honesty plays a huge role in a personal injury case and you should never claim any injuries that you do not actually have. Keep in mind though, even if you are fully honest under the circumstances, creative investigators can create photography that can give a false impression to the courts that you have not sustained any injuries.
  8. Misrepresenting the insurance company’s policy’s coverage which plays a role in the payment from your claim. Insurance adjusters are often quite deceptive with being able to downplay the total amount of insurance that is available for a personal injury claim. Most of the time, there is always more coverage than they informed you about. Your personal insurer may often deny your injury claim that you currently have uninsured motorist coverage. This is something every citizen in Arizona is offered when they are in the process of applying for insurance. If they are unable to provide a signed document stating that you rejected the offer at the point in time that you were signing up with their company, then they must provide the coverage for you.
  9. They will deny liability for paying the claim. There are an enormous amount of ways that an insurance company can deny your injury claim and even limit its liability for having to pay a claim. The company might even try to say that the accident was caused by you and that you had in fact contributed to the accident, or that a whole other party from under another policy was the one at fault.
  10. They will try and dispute your damages and medical expenses and needs by purposely trying to connect them to a pre-existing injury or condition. Insurance adjusters will quite often try their best to speak as if they were a licensed medical doctor and state that the treatments you were provided with were not necessary or they took too long to provide them to you. The adjusters are not trained medically in any way and are not qualified to make any claims relating to your medical treatment.

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