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Hutzler Law Makes Charitable Donation to Human Services Campus

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, there were over 500 heat-related deaths in Arizona in 2021. While this loss of life is tragic, it isn’t necessarily surprising. Phoenix is the hottest large city in the country, with Tucson ranking third on the list. When the heat rises, universal guidelines and tips suggest staying inside and drinking plenty...

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March Pet Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to All of Our Participants & Winners! 1st Place: Bridgette Lee Phipps 2nd Place: Kayla Johnson 3rd Place: Cheryl Samuelson 4th Place: Taylor Kelly 5th Place: Juana S. We made it through all the ““, “‘” and comments, we are ready to announce the winners of our first Pet Photo Contest. As we shared before, each and every...

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